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Quit Smoking Injection - Stop Smoking Shot

DRIVING IS NOT PERMITTED IMMEDIATELY AFTER TREATMENT. You will need to bring someone with you to drive you home.

If you have tried patches, nicotine gum, Zyban, Hypnosis, laser treatments, etc. and you are still smoking....You are not alone.

Fortunately there is a one time medical treatment that can eliminate your urges and cravings for nicotine, and end withdrawal symptoms.

Today there are 5 million tobacco-related deaths per year, with 1.3 billion people who smoke, and tobacco is the leading cause of death that can be preventable according to the World Health Organization. A thing that used to considered "cool", such as the Marlboro billboards across the country, is now on the tip list of killers.

To combat this, the stop smoking injection, or the stop smoking vaccine, is one of the most successful and aggressive stop smoking aids with a 70-80% success rate of all the available smoking aids. A medical therapy, this type of aid takes place in our medical clinic under experienced physicians with supervision. Counseling and group therapy also work well to combine with the injection aid for smokers who are struggling to successfully quit.

Three injections of Scopolamine or Atropine behind the ears, on the hip, or on the arms, will block the nicotine receptors in the brain. As a part of the treatment, the patient is required to wear a scopolamine patch behind his ear and take atropine tablets for two weeks after getting the shot. The brain will not recognize that it needs nicotine so the nicotine addiction will eventually vanish - as an antismoking aid, these injection chemicals act on the nicotine "sensitive" areas of the brain and reduces the craving for a smoke. A single session may last from an hour to an hour and a half. In essence, the treatment blocks nicotine receptors in your brain.

In the simplest terms, a stop smoking injection would make the brain inhibit the sensory memories that it had stored regarding the "good" effects of nicotine. Once the brain stops recognizing nicotine as a good thing then one would have little to no urge to smoke again.

Putting off stop smoking is the worst thing that a smoker can do. The longer one is a smoker, the more difficult it becomes to quit using generic means. This is what most smokers have experienced in the past and some continue to experience to this day. A stop smoking injection is quicker than other stop smoking aids.

The drugs involved with the stop smoking injections are medically classified as anti-cholinergics and are mainly used in helping to control neural activity in the brain. They have been extensively used previously in the medical field in the form of anesthetics during surgery or as a temporary means of curing Parkinson's disease. Side effects are very rare and the most common side effects associated with these anti-smoking injections are dizziness, dry mouth, headaches, and problems in urinating which happens soon after the injection is given, if it happens at all.

Open Care Medical Center has treated hundreds of smokers and others addicted to Nicotine. Our commitment to you is to treat your addiction with medicines that can conquer your physical addiction to Nicotine and to teach you how to change habits and behaviors that hold you to addiction.

*Each individual’s treatment and/or results may vary based upon the circumstances, the patients’ specific situation, as well as the health care provider’s medical judgment and only after further discussion of the patient’s specific situation, goals, risks and benefits and other relevant medical discussion. Click here to read our medical disclaimer.*

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About Your Visit

Upon your arrival to the clinic, we will explain how nicotine addiction occurs and precisely what treatments are used to counteract and replace the addiction. We will then introduce you to a simple process to replacing the emotional or behavioral side of the addiction.

Once patients are deemed suitable candidates, we will administer the precise medications to block your urges and cravings for nicotine.

You will notice immediately after treatment that your urges and cravings to smoke have been eliminated. You will also notice that you become lightheaded and euphoric. Much like the feeling you had when you first smoked or returned to smoking after a long period of abstinence.

Due to the fact that you will be euphoric DRIVING IS NOT PERMITTED THE NIGHT
OF YOUR TREATMENT. You will need to bring someone with you to drive you home.

You will also be given treatment that you will take for the next two weeks. They will prolong the treatment and make sure you do not experience the lightheadedness, irritability, urges or cravings to smoke during the withdrawal period.

We will also provide you with take home literature that outlines the behavioral therapy we discussed at the clinic.

Our Hours:

Monday - Friday : 10AM - 6PM (Walkins welcome before 5pm)

Saturday : 11AM - 5PM (Walkins welcome before 4pm)

Our Address:
2001 East 4th Street (Corner of 4th Street & Golden Circle)
Suite 200 (Upstairs on 2nd Floor)
Santa Ana, CA 92705